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The Wabash Lights In the News


The duo’s passion for this work, made more realistic by hundreds of supporters, makes The Wabash Lights the ultimate visual example of a mission to put democracy back into public art.
— Chicagoist
It’s been a while since a public-art project on Kickstarter held our attention, but The Wabash Lights initiative has us looking up.
— Core77

We're two normal guys with one big idea.

Jack C. Newell is an award winning filmmaker, commercial director, and public art enthusiast. He is the writer, producer, and director of films that have screened across the United States and abroad.  His ability to use light and color to tell stories and illicit emotion from the audience is at the heart of his work in both film and in the public space. [Click for more...]


Seth Unger is a design and creative strategist, media guru, and brand consultant. He currently works for Herman Miller's global marketing team as the audience lead for Architecture and Design. Seth's collaborations have helped facilitate, design, and implement brand, workplace, and creative strategy across diverse areas of focus. [Click for more...]