Technically Speaking

You may not find this part that interesting. We do – but we're nerds.

Installation of The Wabash Light's LED system will take place in a way that minimizes impact to motorists, local businesses, and residents on Wabash. Crews from the CTA, CDOT, and City of Chicago will work with our technical partner  Intelligent Lighting Creations (ILC) to execute the installation.

The light fixtures we plan to use are  Phillips iColor Accent MX Powercore. Our lights will be secured to the flange of the steel beams on the undercarriage of the L tracks with custom clamps. This method has the advantage of being quickly installed and easily removed without requiring drilling or damaging the EL structure. There are no moving parts in the system.


Part replacements will only be necessary in the case of a malfunction. Additionally, LED lights last for 50,000 hours; which is approximately 5.7 years.

It will cost approximately $10,000 per year in energy to light the piece, which translates to roughly $25/day. We are seeking to partner with local energy companies to offset the energy used with sustainable power sources.