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With your help we hope expand the project by hundreds of feet in 2017!
Add your name to a light or pixel in the full Wabash Lights installation.  

Help us bring this interactive light art sculpture to the Loop.

The Wabash Lights is a site-specific light installation on the underside of the Wabash Avenue elevated train tracks in Chicago’s loop that will transform an iconic piece of Chicago infrastructure into a canvas for a dynamic, interactive experience, serving as a catalyst for a re-energized Wabash Avenue. 


- Safer, better-lit downtown
- Create a piece of art that unites the city
- Connects Millennium Park, Theater District, and the Riverwalk
- Boost existing and attract new businesses
- Raise the profile of Wabash and the loop
- Put Chicago back in the global spotlight for public art

Phase 1 of The Wabash Lights is Live!

Just south of Monroe Street on Wabash Avenue you can see what over 900 people made possible last year with our first Kickstarter. The first phase, that we call The Beta Test, of The Wabash Lights is twelve feet of light that we are using to troubleshoot design and technical challenges as we work to raise funds for the full installation.

Please consider contributing to The Wabash Lights, NFP.  As a tax exempt organization, you can write off your donation on your taxes and know that your money will go toward bringing The Wabash Lights to the City of Chicago. Donate today.

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You can know wear your support! Check out The Wabash Light's Store.

You can know wear your support! Check out The Wabash Light's Store.